The day you've waited months (sometimes YEARS) for is finally here – you're going to meet your baby – and you probably won't remember most of it. That's where birth stories come in!

I'll be there alongside you to document the highs and lows, the waiting and the joy, the excitement and love. The first cry. The first kiss. The first time you see the tiny human who will change your entire life. You will never regret having these most priceless moments captured for yourself and your children. 

Birth Stories

I'll be on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks and accept a very limited number of clients per month.

make sure to reach out early if you're interested in this special opportunity!

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Fresh 48 sessions are scheduled within your baby's first 48 hours and before you are discharged from your birthing facility, if applicable.

We'll capture baby's fresh features and newborn squishiness in a photojournalistic style, plus lots of family bonding and feeding if desired. No need to dress up or plan – the casual style of these sessions makes them easy but beautiful and priceless.


Fresh 48

I'll be on call for you from 38 weeks and accept a very limited number of clients per month.

Fresh 48 Relaunch Special

Fresh 48 sessions are finally back post-pandemic, and for a limited time, book a newborn session before you're 35 weeks to receive half off of a Fresh 48 session!